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Chilli sauce

Simple and sofisticated at the same time. If you like me, lover of coriander and chilli, you would love this one!

Back in the days in Gili Air, Lombok in Indinesia, sitting on the most beautiful cozy place in bean bag by the ocean. Dark night so you could see all the starts, feels great with ambient lights and fires all around...I have ordered the spring rolls which came with the most perfect tasting sauce. Literary, there was this fantastic mixture of tastes in my month. I have thought for myself “ That is it!” One of the best food I have had.

At home I was playing around with ingredients and I feel I have it! Check it out for yourself.

As like simple receipts I have counted it on bowls


• Small bowl of ginger

• Small bowl of coriander

• Small bowl of garlic

• Small of squeezed lemon

• Half of small bowl of chilli or red pepper

• Half of small bowl of olive oil

• Half bowl of soya sauce with one spoon of honey

Just pul all ingredients to the blender and mix it until the sauce is smooth. Pour it to the small glass jars and there you go!

Best to serve, of course, with spring rolls hehe.

Bona apetit!


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