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Letter to GOD

Updated: May 25, 2021

Thank you, God. Thank you that I have been born in 20th century in Europe. I feel that I was the blessed one! From the bottom of my heart, I feel so much gratitude. Thank you for possibility to living in the best time of all times.

People never ever before my age experienced as much abundance on all ways of life. They never had what I have. They never had a health security, supported by hi-tech discoveries, technologies and health care. People before me never experienced that much of financial stability what I have. They didn’t have a (full) fridge, non-sharing home, independence. The amazing possibility to drag almost any object from the whole world directly in front of my door.

The source of all knowledge of humanity holding in little box in my hand. The opportunity to link and communicate with any person, the whole world through that box. The unlimited choices to manifest any dream, hobby, career, everything I desire.

Thank you, God, for freedom which has been given to me. Freedom to talk my true (without worrying about my life), freedom to live in any religion or direction I resonate with (also without worrying about my life), freedom to eat what I like (even if this food comes from other side of The Planet), freedom to be what I want to be. Freedom to travel the world just in few hours, to discover the beauty of Mother Earth, fascinated landscapes, nature and cultures.

THANK YOU, GOD – SOURCE – UNIVERSE – MOTHER EARTH, for reminding us that we lose ourselves and took everything for granted. I love you. I love my life, I love people around my and love you, our beautiful Earth, The Blue Planet. And I promise, I will take even better care about wellbeing and living in harmony withing all humans and nature.


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