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Home made soya burgers

As on the path of Zero waste & veggie lifestyle its amazing to have something as perfect and healthy, any time ready to go to oven!

I enjoy to make a simple recipes coming without package :-)


• 100g of dried soya beans (soak overnight)

• 50g of grounded cheese

• 2 Eggs

• 3 Large spoons of grounded linseed

• 3 Large spoons of virgin olive oil

• 2 Garlic cloves

• Half of fine chopped onion

• Fresh chopped coriander

• Curcuma and curry spices

• Pinch of Himalayan salt

Cook the soya beans in fresh and salted water until it’s nice and soft (min 60min).

You want to make a mush from the beans with fork. After that put soya and all other ingredients into bowl and mix together.

Prepare the baking paper with chopping board underneath. Spread this paste on the paper in shape of burgers, ideally use the rounded shaping frame .

Then put the chopping board into freezer....


Ready to go into oven when the hunger is on!

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